Been Saying This For Years

It was never a grand experiment, and it looked a little dubious from the start, but it appears as if Baron Davis’(notes) time in Los Angeles is catching up with itself.

We’ve no doubt that Davis is hurting, a cyst in his left knee is making it tough for him to keep up at this level, and he’s not wrong for taking time off as the slog of an 82-game season commences.

What’s wrong with this whole ordeal is what led up to this consistent, likely debilitating, knee pain. The years of trying to play point guard at an NBA level while carrying, let’s be honest, too much weight. You can’t enter the league on a surgically repaired left knee and expect to play by the same rules as everyone else. Or even, as your talent sometimes allows, fall short of the level of fitness that other point guards need to sustain in order to survive.

Long story, made short? Davis was too doughy, for too long, to play on that knee without resulting pain. He didn’t watch what he put into his body, and he waited too long (most every summer, going back to his time in Charlotte and New Orleans) during the offseason to start conditioning for the season ahead. And it’s caught up with him.


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