Possible Marcus Thornton Trades

With MT5 seemingly out of the Hornets plans I keep asking myself (to the surprise of very few)…what kind of trade value does Thornton have?

The best case scenario is for Marcus Thornton to be traded with Peja Stojakovic to bring back a big money impact type player.

Because trades in the NBA have to in essence be equal salary for equal salary the opportunities of landing an impact player for MT5 are slim.  Thornton makes only  $850,000.

But it is possible to get a quality player that can help the Hornets:

Hornets Get: Kyrylo Fesenko

Jazz get: Marcus Thornton

WHY: The Jazz need shooters after losing players Kyle Korver and the Hornets could use a true backup center.  Utah has Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson right now and Mehmet Okur will soon be back from injury so Fesenko is expendable.  The Hornets have Belinelli, Bayless and Greene so they do not need Thornton.

Hornets Get: Semih Erden

Celtics get: Marcus Thornton

WHY: Thornton could fill the role a guy like Eddie House played for the Celtics.  Erden is a solid young Turkish big man compared to Marcin Gortat.

Other possible players Thornton could be traded for one for one:

DeAndre Jordan: L.A. Clippers (but the Clippers don’t need another SG)

Jordan Hill: Houston Rockets 

Gamble Trade:

Suns Get: Peja Stojakovic

Hornets Get: Robin Lopez & Hedo Turkoglu

WHY: Phoenix is off to a 3-4 start and if they struggle could blow up their team by trading away Steve Nash, Jason Richardson and if they could Hedo Turkoglu.  The big question for the Hornets is…do they believe Hedo has anything left and is it worth taking on his horrible contract?  Also, is getting Robin Lopez worth taking on Hedo?  To take on Hedo’s contract the Suns would have to include Lopez (who I really like) in this deal. 

One More Peja Deal:

Hornets Get: Zach Randolph

Grizzlies Get: Peja Stojakovic, Quincy Pondexter & Marcus Thornton

WHY: Hornets get an All-Star player with an expiring contract to help in what could be a memorable playoff run.  Memphis is not going to re-sign Randolph when the season ends so if the team is out of the playoff race why not take Peja’s contract and two solid young players?


3 Responses

  1. how bout peja, Mt5 and a pick for kevin love? prly too little but it would be awesome to have him.

  2. The only trade i would consider would be Peja for Lopez and Hedo, but i would be hesitent to take on Hedo’s contract.

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