WDSU BCS Bowl Game Projections

BCS National Championship Game:

Oregon vs. Auburn

WHY: Oregon beats Oregon St. and finishes a perfect 12-0…earning a birth into the title game.  I know many people are picking Auburn to lose to Alabama but I just can’t.  I understand the Auburn defense is suspect but I think Auburn wins the Iron Bowl and then the SEC title game (vs. South Carolina). 

Rose Bowl:

Boise St. vs. Michigan St.

WHY: If the Rose Bowl loses one of it’s traditional teams (Pac-10/Big Ten) to the BCS title game it MUST replace that team with the highest ranked team from a non-automatic qualifying conference.  That said, I think Boise State will be ranked 3rd ahead of TCU when the season ends.  I also think Ohio State loses to Iowa this weekend…meaning Wisconsin and Michigan State will be the only teams with one loss in the Big Ten….and since Michigan State beat Wisconsin the Spartans win the Big Ten and play in the Rose Bowl.    

Sugar Bowl:


WHY:  This is actually a rematch of the 1936 Sugar Bowl!!!!!  75 years ago Sammy Baugh led the Horned Frogs over the Tigers in the 2nd annual Sugar Bowl.  To read more about that game click on the link below:  


Wisconsin will also be an option for the Sugar Bowl but I think the Sugar Bowl committee picks TCU.  TCU will be undefeated, the distance fans have to travel is easy and on paper the matchup looks electric….LSU defense vs. TCU offense. 

Orange Bowl:

Virginia Tech vs. Wisconsin

WHY: Despite starting 0-2 overall VT wins the ACC earning an automatic birth into the Orange Bowl.  When the Sugar Bowl takes TCU…a one loss Wisconsin Badgers team falls into this game as an at-large team from the Big Ten.  One-loss Stanford from the Pac-10 is also an option here instead of Wisconsin but I believe that Wisconsin will guarantee more ticket sales and fans for the tourism industry in south Florida….therefore it’ll be the Badgers in the Orange Bowl.

Fiesta Bowl:

Nebraska vs. Pitt

WHY:  Nebraska wins the Big XII championship game earning the automatic birth into the Fiesta Bowl.  The Fiesta gets the final pick in the selection process and the Big East champ has to go to a BCS game….and I think Pitt will win the Big East.


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