Hornets/Warriors Trade Redux

Reports out of San Francisco say the Golden State Warriors are shopping shooting guard Monta Ellis hard.  The list of teams that have had talks with Golden State include: Chicago, Philly, Atlanta and even the Lakers.

New ownership and coaching staff in Golden State finally (why did it take so long???) realizes that the backcourt combo of Ellis and Curry is never going to work….sure they score a lot but they just watch guys blow by them on defense and lose games 115-110.

New Warriors coach Mark Jackson has hired Hornets defensive guru Mike Malone as his top assistant…so getting a defensive presence for Ellis seems likely.  

Here is a deal that works under the current NBA trade guidelines and could be done on draft night before a potential lockout halts all activity.

Monta Ellis & Andris Biedrins for Emeka Okafor & Trevor Ariza 

Why Warriors make the Trade:

Okafor was the Hornets MVP until getting hurt in March.  He re-teams with Malone and his defensive play would be a big plus for David Lee.  Okafor as a protector and defensive stopper would allow Lee to perhaps soar to new heights.

Okafor and Lee would be a formidable frontline allowing them to match-up with any team size-wise.

Ariza is one of the most unsung players in the game.  A glue guy who plays his best at big moments (playoffs vs. Lakers).  These two make the Warriors tougher gives that team a better chance to win immediately.

Curry, Ariza, Wright, Lee & Okafor is a starting 5 I really like.        

Why Hornets make the Trade:

The Hornets need scoring punch badly and Ellis would provide it!

A Jackson, Mississippi native Ellis can also help the team off the court by being marketed as somewhat of a local savior.

I’ve been a fan of Biedrins for a long time.  I truly believe he would no doubt play better offensively once he gets out of Golden State and away from that team’s ballhogs.  Remember, Chris Paul brought out the best in Tyson Chandler…I think he could do the same for Biedrins.   

CP3, Ellis, Pondexter, Landry and Biedrins is a solid starting 5 in my opinion.  

Jack, Marco, Willie Green, Jason Smith, Sheep Dog are a servicable second unit and DWest should return sometime after the first of the year. 

Just my opinion but this deal helps both teams and is worth looking into.


8 Responses

  1. Ellis is a great scorer but a bit of a ballhog. not sure if CP3 will like that. It also leaves a glaring hole at the Center position (is already one with okafor,he’s undersized for a center). With a lockout looming it’s really hard to see any team make a move right now.

    • biedrens is a bit overrated and giving up on ariza after a year. landry is a good scorer but there is no guarantee he comes back. like i said until the lockout is figured out i don’t want to draw a conclusion.

  2. LOL have you watched any warriors game? I wont trade udoh for okafor straight up… how did you get this job???

  3. lol @ Trying to include Udoh into that deal.

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