Hornets/Bulls Draft Night Trade

I’m not sure if this trade is legal under NBA trade guidelines…but if it is…DO IT!

Chicago Bulls receive Trevor Ariza

New Orleans Hornets receive all three of the Bulls draft picks in 2011 (two 1st round picks and one 2nd rounder…#’s 28, 30, 43 overall).

Why the Bulls Do It:

The Bulls are desperate for wing help and Trevor Ariza would be perfect for defensive-minded head coach Tom Thibodeau.  Ariza is a lock-down defender who’s offense comes alive in big games and the playoffs.  The Bulls are in win now mode so giving away a pair of low 1st round picks and a 2nd rounder for a proven, playoff tested veteran is an easy swap. 

Why The Hornets Do it:

Acquiring young assets and building for the future while still being competative and having a chance to win is the way the Hornets have to go…this is the model San Antonio and Oklahoma City use successfully and it will be the way the Hornets operate going forward. 

With the draft picks acquired from the Bulls the Hornets select:

#28 Chandler Parsons/SF/University of Florida

NBA Comparison: Shane Battier

#30 Tyler Honeycutt/SG/UCLA

NBA Comparison: Francisco Garcia

#43 Keith Benson/C/Oakland University (Michigan)

NBA Comparsion: Samuel Dalembert

The Hornets have the 45th overall pick in the Draft:

#45 Andrew Goudelock/PG-SG/College of Charleston

NBA Comparsion: Marcus Thornton


Giorgi Shermadini/C/Democratic Republic of Georgia

NBA Comparsion: Nenard Krstic

Add in 2010 1st round draft pick Quincy Pondexter and the Hornets have five young players to go with superstar Chris Paul and veterans Emeka Okafor, Carl Landry (who has to be re-signed), Jarrett Jack and David West (who will pick-up his player option).

Will this move upset Chris Paul?  Probably…but even when the upcoming NBA lockout ends the Hornets will not be players in free agency because they have no owner….so either way…CP3 will be upset.  I’d rather have him upset and have some quality young players than have him upset with the exact same team as last season.  

Monty Williams has proven he’s very good at developing young talent…so acquiring these players and adding them into the mix with established veterans may be a recipe for success.

…and if it all goes sideways…and it looks as if CP3 and DWest will both walk away via free agency in 2012…the Hornets can trade both at the 2012 NBA trade deadline (assuming their is a season) and acquire more picks and young players to rebuild with.


One Response

  1. As an FYI, this trade wouldn’t be legal because both teams are over the cap and the Bulls don’t have any trade exceptions at their disposal to allow them to eat Ariza’s salary for just draft picks. You may be able to work out a draft-and-trade, but the salaries still wouldn’t come close to matching. Regardless, I’d like to provide a counter-argument to this trade idea for both teams. Here it goes:

    Bulls’ perspective – I agree 100% about Ariza being a great fit with Thib’s system; however, there’s one glaring problem, and that’s the fact that his position is already filled in Chicago. Luol Deng is not a good enough shooter to start at SG (and we KNOW Ariza isn’t either), so you’d end up paying about 16 million a season for the Deng/Ariza combo at SF. With the new CBA and reduced salary cap looming, I don’t think the Bulls will want to take on Ariza’s salary when what they REALLY need is a starting SG who can knock down shots to help take some pressure off of D-Rose.

    Hornets’ perspective – Oh man, would CP3 hate this. If I’m the Hornets, I’d do this without thinking twice if we knew Paul was on his way out, but you simply can’t make this trade and expect the team to be better in the short run. What Ariza did for the Hornets on defense last season was excellent, and I simply cannot justify giving him up for three question marks in the draft. Could one or more of those guys turn into solid to great NBA players? Sure. But the odds of any of them making a legitimate impact within the next year or two are fairly slim, and there’s historical evidence to prove it. That doesn’t even take into account the fact that making this trade would mean 1/3 of the Hornets’ roster could be made up of rookies + Pondexter, who didn’t really make great strides in his first season with the team. I can’t see this trade making sense for the Hornets when their primary goal is putting a team together that CP3 gets excited about playing with.

    Another note – if D-West decides not to pick up his player option, it’s going to be interesting to hear your response, because you have repeatedly guaranteed that he’s going to exercise it. I just don’t see why he would; what’s his worst case contract scenario? 2 years at 6 mil per season? His injury rehab is progressing very smoothly, and although he’s 30 years old, a guy averaging 20 pts and 8 rebounds per game will still make a pretty penny in free agency. Judging purely by risk/reward, it’s worth it for him to test the market since at worst, he’d likely make barely less than his player option would otherwise pay him.

    I enjoy reading your work, and can’t wait to see how the draft actually unfolds! Should be a fun night tomorrow night. Thanks for the article!

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