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When The Dust Settles
September 21, 2011

Now that the Pac-12 has decided to remain a 12 team league…here is how I see some major conferences when the dust settles:

Big XII:

Major (needed) changes for the Longhorn Network.


Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, Baylor, Texas Tech, Missouri + TCU, BYU & Louisville.

The Big XII becomes 12 again with the addition of the three new schools.  The Big XII has been reluctant to add TCU but with the Big East imploding now is the time for these two to finally get hitched.  BYU jumps at the chance to join a BCS automatic qualifying conference and Louisville comes because the Big XII will be a more stable football conference than the Big East.   


The most powerful and successful conference in the NCAA remains at 13 schools for a year…but the league will eventually add a 14th school to balance things out.  I remain of the opinion that the league will expand east.  Texas A&M fits nicely into the SEC West…so look for #14 to come from the ACC or the Big East.  I think the SEC would love to have Virginia Tech, Florida State or Maryland…the Terps are the group I think could jump if the SEC came calling and Maryland (in my opinion) would be a nice fit (DC and Baltimore TV markets, Under Armour money, a good academic school committed to football and men’s basketball).  If the SEC can’t get an ACC school I think they’d revisit West Virginia.

Teams: LSU, Arkansas, Alabama, Auburn, Ole Miss, Mississippi St., Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Texas A&M, Maryland  


I love the ACC manning-up and adding Pitt and Syracuse…but I think the ACC will eventually lose a school to the SEC (for this blog let’s say that school is Maryland).  That said, I think the ACC will become the first super conference (16 schools) by adding 3 more teams to the league.

Teams: Boston College, North Carolina, N.C. State, Wake Forest, Duke, Georgia Tech, Florida State, Miami, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Pitt, Syracuse, Villanova, Rutgers, UConn 

The Big East is decimated in this blog as a football conference and loses it’s BCS automatic-qualifier status…but beefs-up as a basketball league by adding Xavier and Butler.

Big Ten

No major changes…this league remains at 12 schools and will wait on Notre Dame.  I think the only way the Big Ten expands is if they can land the Irish.    



NCAA Realignment
September 13, 2011

Okay, with the news that Oklahoma & Oklahoma State plan to apply for admission into the Pac-12…I decided to look into my crystal ball and forecast how things will look when all the dust settles.

The Big XII: 

With the defection of Nebraska, Colorado, Texas A&M and now Oklahoma and Oklahoma State…it’s fair to say the Big XII Is DEAD!!!!

The Tombstone Should Actually Read: 1996-2011 ...But You Get The Point!

The University of Texas killed the conference by bullying the league and pushing the major universities I listed above to new homes.  The conference executives are also to blame…they kept giving into Texas…so their lack of overall balance and fairness also contributed to this league’s demise. 

The only way the Big XII is saved is if they can somehow convince Notre Dame to join. If Notre Dame teams up with Texas the league is saved (They could then add SMU, Houston and BYU).  But, I can’t see ND joining…so in this blog the Big XII conference is DEAD! 

Pac-12 (soon to become Pac-14)

New Universities: Oklahoma & Oklahoma State

This conference didn’t want to grow this big this soon…but they have no choice.  The Pac-12 will not turn down Oklahoma.  Many believe that the Pac-12 will expand to 16…but I am not one of those people.  I think the league will stop expanding once it reaches 14 schools. 


New Universities: Texas A&M and Virginia Tech

Welcome To The Big Leagues (The SEC) Hokies!

The addition of Texas A&M gives the league 13 schools.  It’s no secret the SEC will invite another school to join.  It’s also no secret that the SEC wants Virginia Tech or Florida State.  In my opinion Virginia Tech is the most likely (and most desirable) candidate.  If the SEC lands Texas A&M and Virginia Tech the league’s footprint will go from Texas to DC!  Many believe that the SEC will respect the ACC and not extend an invite Va. Tech.


Va. Tech only joined the ACC in 2004…so they don’t have strong ties to the conference…plus…joining the SEC is something no school can turn down.  The SEC makes the most money for it’s schools and produces the most championship teams. 

Big Ten (which now consists of 12 teams)

New Universities: Missouri and Rutgers

Both of these schools were discussed when the Big Ten added Nebraska a year ago. 


I believe the ACC will lose Virginia Tech….so they’ll raid the Big East to fill the void.  Louisville, to me, is the perfect fit.  Louisville is a great school that’s been on the rise the past 10 years…from C-USA to the Big East…and now to the ACC!

Lose: Virginia Tech

Gain: Louisville

Big East Conference:

Lose: Louisville & Rutgers

Gain: Central Florida, Memphis, TCU and Villanova (‘Nova is already in the conference but in this blog the Wildcats finally move up and play football in the Big East after dominating in the NCAA (FCS) Football Championship Subdivision.

Big Mountain Conference:

This is a new conference that would have an automatic BCS tie-in.  It’s the reminients of the Big XII and the Mountain West.

Texas Tech


Kansas State

Iowa State


Air Force

Boise State

Colorado State

New Mexico

San Diego State



Fresno State



BYU (BYU left the Mountain West Conference and is currently an independent…but the Cougars would return if this league had an automatic BCS bowl tie-in.)

I know there is no realistic chance that the University of Texas would allow itself to get “stuck” in a conference like my new Big Mountain league.  If the Longhorns get snubbed by the SEC and Pac-12…and they could….the SEC and Pac-12 won’t take Texas unless they surrender or make massive changes to their new Longhorn network…then UT could go the way of Notre Dame and become an independent.

In fact, that’s the way I think it’ll end up.  Notre Dame and Texas…two schools who refused to play nice with others and who bully everyone…get just what they asked for…independence!

The University of Texas Could Become An Independent In Football...Just Like Notre Dame