Top 5 Candidates To Replace Bob Toledo

Here are 5 coaches I believe would be a good fit at Tulane when the school parts ways with Bob Toledo (which after losing to Army 45-6 today seems inevitable).

Fletcher’s Top 5: Next Tulane Head Football Coach

5. Troy Morrell (Head Coach, Butler Junior College)

***I know most Tulane people are saying “what?” …yes, a JUCO coach.  Hey, in baseball Rice University hired Wayne Graham out of San Jacinto JC and he’s taken the Owls to new heights on the diamond.

4. Ron Roberts (Head Coach, Delta State University)

3. Beau Baldwin (Head Coach, Eastern Washington University)

2. Clay Hendrix (Associate Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator, Air Force Academy)

1. Frank Wilson (Recruiting Coordinator/Assistant Coach, LSU)

For too long I’ve heard about what Tulane doesn’t have.

How difficult it is to win uptown. I hate it!

Are there academic guidlines Tulane has to follow that other programs don’t have too? Sure.

Will that ever change? No.

Should that ever change? No.

So instead of hiring a guy who wants to complain about what his program doesn’t have, please hire a respected guy who’s proven he can overcome odds and who won’t make excuses.

Frank Wilson is that person.

9 years ago Wilson took O. Perry Walker High School to the class 5A state title game in the Superdome. It was the first time an Orleans Parish public school played in the 5A championship.  Before Wilson arrived at Walker everyone believed the Orleans Parish Public School System didn’t have the resources to compete with the more powerful private schools.

Did Wilson ever complain that he practiced on a field that looked like a goat ranch? No.

Did he complain that his budget was 1/4 that of some of the private schools he routinely beat? No.

Not only did Wilson win, his players stayed out of trouble and passed. In 2003 15 of his kids signed scholarships. He had kids on his team wearing shirts and ties to class, taking pride in themselves, their studies and their lives.

The guy is a disciplined winner who doesn’t know how to fail.

Ask former Tulane asst. Rich Rodriguez about Frank Wilson. He loves the guy. While at O. Perry Walker Wilson spent countless hours working with Rodgiruez on offensive theory. Since making the move to the college ranks (Ole Miss, USM, Tennessee and now LSU) Wilson has helped recruit great players.

So, Rick, please don’t select someone who merely looks good on paper. Who’s a ridicously safe pick. Who has no clue what Tulane is or what it takes to win uptown. Do something daring. Reach for a young, dynamic, native son who’s succeeded at the prep level despite difficult conditions, who’s having success in the college coaching ranks and who can once again show the Tulane faithful what success is. Go for a guy who’ll recruit kids from New Orleans and reinvigorant everyone who loves Tulane.

Hire Frank Wilson!


13 Responses

  1. Fletcher, I respect your opinion but in My opinion you are so far off. Tulane needs a coach that can put fannies in the seats ASAP. To recommend a JC coach, or a small time coach just puts us right back where we are. You should be writing about how Tulane should hire a name coach. I know Rich Rodriguez would not come back but it must be somebody like that. All of this being said, its like painting a rust chair, IF you don’t sand and treat the rust BEFORE you paint it, the rust will come through. Scott Cowen is the RUST of Tulane. He must be replaced. The rotting head of the fish must go or the rot continues. Make that known. Help us at

  2. rich rodriguez or terry bowden doesn’t sound too bad right now

  3. Second that Segari. Heads need to roll. Toledo WITH Dickson & Cowen – it needs to be a package deal; and it can’t happen soon enough.

  4. First of all, keep up the good work fletcher, but you heard it here 1st, word is Curtis Johnson(Saints WR Coach) is very very interested in the job and will make a play on it. He has lots and lots of connections throughout the region and is a local guy. Look for his name to be in the running toward the top.

  5. Frank Wilson is the best Paradigm Shift in football for Tulane. Local guy, great recruiter, good coach…in a winning program. He can help keep some of the local talent here and recruite additional out of state talent…the CITY can have a top 25 program…which will result in local fan support not just Tulane students and ….$…concessions… This comes from an LSU fan.

  6. Winning is the only thing that will put fans in the seats. Remember 1998? 40,000 fans per game in the Dome? It’s the wins stupid. Nothing else matters.

  7. No to everybody on the list. It’s the worst list I’ve seen so far. This has to be a statement hire. It has to tell the fans that we are serious about winning, and doing it immediately. No Junior College coaches, no recruiting coordinators, no division II coaches. We need a first rate head coach, a first rate athletic director, and serious financial commitment that says Tulane is coming to play. Enough is Enough. Go for the jugular.

  8. And really Fletch, did Cowen and Dickson pay you to come up with that list. It looks like the typical third rate “Tulane Model” BS that we need to be rid of.

    • I second that, Robert. A hire from that list just means more of the same for Tulane.

  9. This list is pure comedy. Not one of these candidates will garner consideration, much less an interview. Mr Mackel, you’re a reporter; use your skills to garner actual information rather than to advance personal preferences that TU remain in the abyss. Here’s a hint as to what TU could do it if chose: Tulane has 3 times the endowment of LSU. 3 times.

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