2012 Saints Mock Draft

This WSDU Mock Saints Draft was originally published: 2-8-12

Back then I had the Saints reaching for…an taking…Boise St. DT/DE Billy Winn in the 2nd round.

Because of the bounty hit scandal the Saints no longer have a 2nd round selection. 

So I’m dropping Winn to the 3rd round (where he is projected to go).

2012 Saints Mock Draft:

3rd Round:   

Billy Winn/Defensive Tackle-Defensive End/Boise State

6’3, 295 lbs.

WHY:  Winn is a versitile, super productive college player who can play both DT and DE.   


4th Round: 

Ladarius Green, Tight End, Louisiana-Lafayette

WHY: With Dave Thomas’ future uncertain due to multiple concussions it would not hurt the Saints to draft another tight end.  Green can create mismatches and would add yet another weapon to the Payton/Brees arsenal.  The only problem, Green may not make it to the 4th round of this year’s draft.


5th Round:

Isaiah Frey/Cornerback/Nevada

WHY: Frey has been super productive at Nevada and would add depth to a position group that may lose Tracy Porter to free agency.


6th Round:

Tom Compton, OT, South Dakota

WHY: Compton is a a small school diamond-in-the-rough lineman who could eventually follow in the footsteps of other small-school finds like Jermon Bushrod and Jahri Evans. 


7th Round (219th Overall Pick)  

Derek Moye/Wide Receiver/Penn State

6’4, 205 lbs.

WHY: Why not?  Another developmental wide receiver (who never got to use his skill set because of such poor QB play at Penn State) for offensive genius Sean Payton to work with.


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