2012-2013 Hornets

I was working on this when the Hornets/Wizards trade happened.

That deal does not change any of what I was writing since Okafor and Ariza were not in Hornets plans moving forward.


So many possibilities for the Hornets as they rebuild with Anthony Davis.

Below are several versions of possible starting lineups that could become reality.

To read about how and why these starting 5’s could become a reality just keep scrolling down and read some of my previous blogs…or follow my twitter feed @FletcherMackel

#1 Scenario: (my dream starting 5)

Austin Rivers, Eric Gordon, Jeff Green, Ryan Anderson, Anthony Davis

How: Davis at #1, Rivers at #10, Ryan Anderson & Jeff Green in free agency


#2 Scenario (The Jeff Duncan Scenario!!!!!)

Goran Dragic, Eric Gordon, Royce White, Anthony Davis, Jason Smith

How: Davis at #1, White at #10, Dragic in free agency

JD loves Royce White at #10!


#3 Scenario

George Hill, Eric Gordon, Luol Deng, Ersan Illysova, Anthony Davis

How: Davis at #1, trade #10 pick (and Xavier Henry) for Deng, Hill & Illysova in free agency


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