My Hornets!

It’s pretty clear after Monty Williams’ comments to beat reporter Jimmy Smith of the Times Picayune Newspaper that the Hornets will match the Suns deal for Eric Gordon.

I won’t go into why I think this is such a disastrous undertaking for the Hornets…If you want to read more on my thoughts on Gordon and the Hornets matching just go to my twitter handle @FletcherMackel and you’ll get all the opinion you need.

This blog is what I would do if I were Hornets GM:

First, I love what Dell Demps did in the draft, Davis and Rivers were the guys I was touting before either even declared for the draft (scroll down to read past blogs for those who doubt my predictions).

I also love the Ryan Anderson for Gustavo Ayon deal.  Anderson (along with Ersan Ilyasova) was one of the free agents I hoped the Hornets would pursue.

Now…as for the Eric Gordon fiasco.

I’m on record as saying that I would never bring Gordon back to New Orleans. He and his agent Rob Pelinka have poisoned the waters in NOLA.

If I’m Dell Demps and Mickey Loomis I’m calling Phoenix and working on a deal. 

If Gordon signs with the Hornets on July 11th and not the Suns the Hornets could then trade him to Phoenix.  If Gordon signs with the Suns on July 11th and the Hornets match the Hornets are stuck with Gordon for at least a year!      

If I’m the Hornets GM I’m taking Markieff Morris, two 2013 1st round draft picks and a large trade exception from the Suns for Gordon.  The two first round picks are the Suns and the one the Suns acquired from the Lakers for Steve Nash. The trade exception keeps the Hornets from having to take back any bloated salary.

I’m then using the money I had earmarked for Eric Gordon on two unrestricted free agent players.  O.J. Mayo and Jordan Hill.

Mayo is 24 years old, much bigger and far more durable than Gordon having played in 97% of his professional games.  Mayo’s number’s mirrored Gordon’s when the two entered the league and both were starters.  Sure, Mayo’s numbers dipped the past two seasons when he was used as a 6th man but I’m signing him to make him a starter again.  Hill is a 24 year old former lottery pick who played well for the Lakers in the post season behind Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol. 

My Hornets lineup would look as follows:

Austin Rivers, O.J. Mayo, Al-Farouq Aminu, Ryan Anderson & Anthony Davis


Austin Rivers, O.J. Mayo, Ryan Anderson, Anthony Davis & Jordan Hill

Bench: Jarrett Jack (who becomes a trade asset at the 2013 trade deadline), Greivis Vasquez, Xavier Henry, Darius Miller, Markieff Morris, Lance Thomas & Jason Smith.

Will this happen…only in fantasy land!

What will happen?

More than likely Eric Gordon will be a malcontent in New Orleans and the team will be foreced to trade him in a bad deal (a la Baron Davis in 2005)….but I hope I’m wrong!





7 Responses

  1. Your Lineup looks Playoff bound for consecutive years. Why bring Gordon back if he obviously does NOT want to be here?!!? Let him go!

  2. I like the proposed lineups and trades but I’d prefer Kendall Marshall and multiple 1st rounders. The line up with Anderson at the 3 intrigues me.

  3. You act like this is a fantasy league. Yes if you could get exactly that trade and get those players IF

  4. Come on please tell us how far away Austin Rivers is from being a starting point guard in the NBA. He looked lost in a Summer League game. He wasn’t the best point guard on the Hornets team last night. Wide open 3’s 1 for 8. He gets his own shot, who cares if you can’t make them. Well we will chalk that one up to first night nerves. You would have just hoped to see a flash of potential. From a fan standpoint that was a start that is making me nervous about the pick.

  5. Two games it is becoming a trend Austin Rivers this is a glorified cyo league. He can’t score in summer league?

  6. Russell Westbrook was bad in summer league?
    I mean I don’t mind saying well lets wait and see but usually good players are good in the summer league.

  7. Already talking in paper not just a point guard to obvious to anybody objective the kid is not a point guard. Hornets are going to have to go find one now of what was going to be bad year anyway is really going to be bad. Maybe draft a real point next year in lottery.

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