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Hornets Bad Investment:
October 30, 2012

Hornets Bad  Investment:
The Hornets season starts tomorrow in the NOLA Arena against the always powerful San Antinio Spurs.

Rookies Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers are picking things  up quickly and the team is (not surprisingly) playing hard for coach Monty  Williams.

Personally, I think the Hornets drafted the right guys when  they selected Davis and Rivers and added the best young veteran possible when  they acquired Ryan Anderson.

The move I’ve  questioned all along — re-signing Eric Gordon.

Gordon came over in the  Chris Paul/Los Angeles Clippers trade last season.

A 23-year-old shooting  guard, Gordon missed all but nine games last season after having arthroscopic  knee surgery.

Despite his limited contribution, the Hornets made the  decision to give the restricted free agent a fully guaranteed 4-year, $58  million dollar contract.

I said all along the Hornets should have aggressively explored all sign-and-trade options for Gordon.

I won’t even get into the details  surrounding Gordon and his desire to leave New Orleans for Phoenix (or anywhere else)– what’s done is done,  new owner Tom Benson made the decision to retain Gordon.

When the Hornets opened training camp, many were surprised to hear Gordon would be limited in  practice and would not be playing in games due to knee soreness — yes, the same  knee that bothered him last season.

So, my question is: Did the Hornets  buy damaged goods?

Every time I see Eric Gordon I can’t help but think of  Brandon Roy.  This was a point I brought up numerous times when the Hornets talked about how great Gordon could become.  Roy was of course the Portland Trailblazers star player who had to  retire due to chronic knee issues (Roy is now attempting a comeback with  Minnesota).

Gordon has played in fewer and fewer NBA games since being  drafted in 2008 and many have questioned if he can truly be a gritty, gutty  leader.  I’m of the opinion that Gordon is a super talented player, but a  guy who’s as soft as cotton.

I think Gordon will miss 30-50 games  this year with various nagging injuries and that his bloated, ridiculous  contract will eventually become a burden to the team.

I said over the  summer the Hornets should have worked with Gordon and his agent (Rob Pelinka) to  find the best trade — no one listened.  Now, if the Hornets have to  eventually trade Gordon they won’t be getting good young players and draft picks  back — they’ll be taking back bad, expiring contracts in a salary dump and will  have nothing to show for the Chris Paul trade.

I hope I’m wrong.  I  hope Gordon plays in all 82 games, becomes an all-star and helps the Hornets  rebuild into a championship contender — but I won’t believe it until it  happens.

The facts are the facts — Gordon is an over-paid, injury-plaqued player who’s never made an all-star team and never lead a team to the playoffs.

When a guy is a max-contract player (like Gordon is) you’ve got to do three things:

1. Be your teams best player

2. Play through minor injuries

3. Put butts in seats

In my opinion, Gordon is/does none of the above.


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NCAA Men’s College Basketball Preseason Top 25
October 19, 2012

I’m once again an Associated Press Men’s College Basketball Voter.  Below is my Preseason top 25 and All-American 1st team. 

1. Louisville
2. Indiana
3. Ohio State
4. Kentucky
5. Michigan
6. N.C. State
7. Florida
8. Arizona
9. Duke
10. Kansas
11. Syracuse
12. North Carolina
13. UNLV
14. UCLA
15. Cincinnati
16. Creighton
17. Memphis
18. Missouri
19. Michigan State
20. San Diego State
21. Gonzaga
22. Baylor
23. Notre Dame
24. Wisconsin
25. St. Mary’s

Preseason All-American Team:
Isaiah Cannan – Murray State
C.J. McCollum – Lehigh
Doug McDermott – Creighton
Mike Moser – UNLV
Cody Zeller – Indiana