NCAA Men’s College Basketball Preseason Top 25

I’m once again an Associated Press Men’s College Basketball Voter.  Below is my Preseason top 25 and All-American 1st team. 

1. Louisville
2. Indiana
3. Ohio State
4. Kentucky
5. Michigan
6. N.C. State
7. Florida
8. Arizona
9. Duke
10. Kansas
11. Syracuse
12. North Carolina
13. UNLV
14. UCLA
15. Cincinnati
16. Creighton
17. Memphis
18. Missouri
19. Michigan State
20. San Diego State
21. Gonzaga
22. Baylor
23. Notre Dame
24. Wisconsin
25. St. Mary’s

Preseason All-American Team:
Isaiah Cannan – Murray State
C.J. McCollum – Lehigh
Doug McDermott – Creighton
Mike Moser – UNLV
Cody Zeller – Indiana


3 Responses

  1. Fletch, we don’t care about the basketball top 25! All want to here about is football and the Hornets! We will deal with college basketball in February!

    • “Hear” not “here”

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