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  1. even though our team the hornets did not win to play the
    lakers they did something for me it help me to focus on them, instead on repairing my home for the time being. all i want to say is thanks to Chris paul, D.west, Tyson chandlier and the whole team. There will be next year.

  2. Fletcher Mackel

    I was listening to your less than sell out attendance at the LSU UCI game today on Sunday. Get a life and start covering the actual 35-45 people in the stands at UNO games and then I MIGHT respect your future anti-LSU newscasts!

  3. Last night on the Saints pre-game show, Keli asked the Saints players “What French city is New Orleans named after?” She said Orle-e-eans. Someone once said “Don’t lean on the ‘leans'”. Actually the city is named for the Duke d’Oleans of France, not the city. And it is pronounced Orl-e-un, not Orle-e-eans.

  4. Fletcher, I was watching the 10:pm news broadcast and I have noticed that you wear a very large time peice, I can’t call it a watch because it looks like it’s atleast a 47 to 50mm case size. I’m only asking beacuse I have a few Russian Divers by Invicta and it looks like one. on another note, your doing a very fine job keep up the good work and best of luck in this new year.

    C.B.Crossley,jr. aka DEERHUNTER

  5. Fletcher,

    Do you think trying to trade Will Smith and Charles Grant would be a good idea? I think this years draft is loaded with good defensive ends and we could use some more picks this year. Both players have not lived up to their potential since signing the “big” contracts. What do you think?

  6. Fletcher,
    As I was watching the 10:00p.m. news (July 28), when introducing Keli Fulton as she was reporting on the Hornets in Westwego, you referred to her as “this girl.” Is there not a better way to introduce your fellow co-worker such as, “this reporter,” or “this lady?” I just felt that Keli deserves a better introduction than what she received on tonight’s broadcast. WDSU often boasts on the diversity of their news reporters and I was quite disappointed hearing such a professional as yourself introduce a co-reportor in that manner. Feel free to respond or better yet an apology would be even better. Thanks.

  7. Fletch,

    The other night on your sportscast in regards to the Hornets trading Rasual Butler to the Clippers for considerations you said that you would have more about the trade and your take on it in your Blog. Well, there’s nothing on the trade there – what gives?


  8. Fletcher:

    I would like to thank you and Melanie (again) for the excellent coverage on First Tee of Greater New Orleans’ junior golfer Tim Harris and his accomplishment of being selected to play in the Walmart First Tee Open at Pebble Beach. We look forward to more exciting coverage on these types of positive youth opportunities in New Orleans.

    Great job!

  9. Fletcher – Inside Lions Baseball is a blog that provides an in-depth look at the Southeastern Louisiana University baseball team. Visit us at insidelionsbaseball.blogspot.com

    Southeastern looks forward “some love” from WDSU and yourself during the upcoming 2010 season!


  10. Fletcher,

    As a fan of the NBA, more importantly, a fan of the New Orleans Hornets, I would like for you to do a story on TV that would explain what is Basketball Revenue Income (BRI) and what is NOT Basketball Revenue Income???

    The 50/50 split of BRI offer, that has been refused by the players, which has gotten lots of coverage, has the casual fan thinking the players are at fault. But the casual fan hasn’t been told what BRI actually is.

    Does BRI consists of the 3 Billion Dollar TV deal the Lakers (allegedly) have? Or any of the TV deals that each team can generate?

    I want to see a revenue sharing plan among NBA owners, so that teams like New Orleans can stay competitive. That way, most teams fan base will think they have a shot at a championship. ( Like the NFL )

    So call out some of the NBA owners! Start with explaining what is BRI and what is not BRI in the 50/50 offer by the owners.

    Bobby Segal
    Hornets Season Ticket Owner

  11. The posts above are all at least 20 months old Mr. Mackel. You haven’t posted a new Offsides fro sometime…let’s get this blog updated.

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