Hornets/Orlando Magic Trade!

Okay, since the Hornets season ended I have throw out many suggestions to team general manager Jeff Bower. 

But now I have deal that makes the Hornets and the Orlando Magic better clubs!

I am also 100% sure this trade works under the NBA trade rules.

(Quick Note: To me, this deal is a minor deal, a deal that bolsters the Hornets bench…..basically, making this trade improves one area of the team and allows the Hornets to continue shopping for an x-factor type player.  A guy Like Josh Childress or Ben Gordon. 

Hornets Receive:

SG J.J. Redick

PF Brian Cook

C Marcin Gorat

Magic Receive:

PG: Mike James

C/PF Melvin Ely

Why the deal works for Orlando: The Magic have too many shooting guards and need a point guard.  In James the Magic get a player capable of backing-up Jameer Nelson.  James is a proven, playoff tested NBA veteran who just 3 seasons ago was averaging 20 points per game.  Ely is a veteran, playoff tested big man capable of backing-up at 2 positions.

Why the deal works for the Hornets:  The Hornets needs scoring off the bench and Redick and Cook can provide that.  Redick will come to New Orleans with a chip on his shoulder trying to prove he can play in the NBA….which is good!  The former Duke All American will also benefit from all the wide open looks Chris Paul Creates for him.  Cook is a player the Hornets almost drafted back on 2003.  The team was torn between he and David West.  West was obviously the right choice.  Cook can provide more offense off the bench then Ryan Bowen and Melvin Ely did backing-up David West last season.

Gorat is a young big man who could develop behind Tyson Chandler and Hilton Armstrong.

Two teams ready to make a championship run…both getting what they’re missing. 

Why not make this happen???


7 Responses

  1. This deal sounds good to me! 🙂

  2. I think the Hornets have done all the dealing they’re going to do for the time being.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this trade or one similar to it happened close to the trade deadline. Scoring needs to continue when a starter sits and the scoring load needs to be spread more evenly on the bench.

    Allez Frelons!!!!!!!!!!

  3. On the lighter side. Did you know that the TV stations in Southwest Louisiana (ie Lafayette) do not refer to the Hornets as the “Bees”. They are called the “Bugs” Sound funny but I guess its better than the “insects”.

  4. I am a hornets season-ticket holder from lafayette. I have never in my life heard the hornets called the “bugs.” Creole, do you have an article or interview of someone calling them the bugs? Personally, I cringe when I hear the hornets called the bees.

  5. this deal sounds good to me. the trades will hopefully provide much needed momentum, as well as some consistency. this pairing will definitely draw fans to the arena. having a team armed with a diversified skill set will have fans swarming!

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  7. To rename the team, if we can’t get “The Jazz”‘ back, they should be “The PoBoys”, and the cheerleaders could be “The Baguettes”.

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